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December 2014 Meeting Programs

Mark your calendar with December IWAP meetings!

12/04 - Gingerbread house
Please purchase at a drugstore (CVS, Rite Aid) or a grocery store, a Gingerbread house kit. It’s less than $10.00. Naomi will instruct the group on how to make these cute traditional little houses. We can also make them out of graham crackers and those supplies will be provided in limited quantity.

12/11 - American Indian dancing
American Indian Dancing provided by the Council of Three Rivers Indian Reservation in Pittsburgh. They will explain about their culture and history, answer your questions, and demonstrate traditional dances! Don’t miss this great opportunity!

12/18 - Holiday party
We will enjoy food together and sing traditional holiday carols. Santa may even come to entertain the children!!!

12/25 - NO meeting
Merry Christmas!