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February 2014 Meeting Programs

February 6th - Nationality Day - CHINA
A very special presentation about this vast, important and influential country of China. If you would like to bring anything to show from China, please do.

February 13th - Valentine's Day Crafts
We celebrate Valentine's Day exchanging beautiful or funny cards with friends and loved ones.
Be prepared for a fun morning of creating Valentines. Please bring a pair of scissors if you have them.

February 20th - Nationality Day - SIBERIA, RUSSIA
We are so fortunate to have an IWAP member from a part of the world of which we know very little except that it is even colder than this winter in Pittsburgh.
Mary Beketova will share all about her far away country.

February 27th - Nationality Day - JAPAN
Several of our members from Japan will share their country's unique features with us from food to culture to art to history and all that lies in between.