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October 2014 Meeting Programs

Mark your October calendar with IWAP meetings!

10/02 - Food tasting
Enjoy tasting and understanding American Foods or International food. Each IWAP member will bring food to share that is made from a box. Please bring the box and the dish you have prepared so that we can all understand some of the unique items found in our supermarkets. Often the recipes for these dishes are found on the back of the box... ENJOY!

10/09 - French Nationality
Day - Anne-Sophie will talk about her country and explain the culture. We will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn about France.

10/16 - Small group discussion
Topic: Women's place in society (1/2 day for Pittsburgh schools)

10/23 - David Vinski is back!!
Our favorite dance instructor will be on hand to teach folk dancing.

10/30 - Pumpkin carving
Get ready for Halloween! Come to carve your own pumpkin. Naomi will give us the details as we get closer to the date.