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May 2015 Field Trip

May 19. : Laurel Caverns is a large natural cave located 50 miles south of Pittsburgh.  Most of the passage ceilings in its three mile labyrinth are between ten and twenty feet high (many as high as 50 feet) with an average width of over twelve feet.  This makes it the largest cave in Pennsylvania.  It's also the largest natural bat hibernaculum in Pennsylvania.
Location: It is about 50 miles from Pittsburgh: 8 miles from Hopwood, PA 15445 and 11 miles from Farmington, PA 15437
Meeting time and place: 9:00 a.m. at First Baptist Church or 10:45 a.m. at Laurel Caverns' visitors' center.

Cost:                     The admission costs are:
-          $12 for adults and $11 for senior (65 & up)
-          $10 for youth (grade 6 to 12) and $9 for child (grade K to 5)
-          Pre-school child with parent: Free.

We will carpool, so there will be some additional cost for gas, which will be determined and announced soon.

Important: There are stairs and sloped floors to walk down as well as walk up, so the tour can be strenuous for some. It is recommended that anyone who would be challenged by a walk up five flights of steps not take this tour.

ð The presence of steps and the natural sandy floor of the cave make the use of strollers and wheel chairs impossible.
ð Wear appropriate shoes. No high heels.
ð The cave temperature is 52 degrees F year around, so a sweater or jacket should be worn.

Lunch:                  will be taken together after the tour

Margit and Jane are the field trip coordinators.