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October 2015 meeting program

10/01 -  Nationality day China 
Fang will tell us about her country. Seize the opportunity to learn the culture of roughly 20% of the world's population!

10/08 - International food tasting 
This is a fun and tasty program during which we get to try all kinds of foods. The idea is that we see boxes and packages of food on the grocery store shelf and often wonder what the contents taste like. Members will buy, prepare and bring those foods to the IWAP meeting.

10/15 - Belly dance with Amethyst
Discover one of the oldest forms of dances, the Belly Dance! Amethyst, a professional dancer, will perform a belly dance and teach us some basic moves.
10/22 - Small group discussion 
Culture and Values - In groups of 6 or 7 we will share information about topics such as personal space, gestures, greetings, manners, meaning of pot luck, open house, hostess gifts, etc.
10/29 - Halloween craft
Get ready for a spooky night on October 31. and come craft something special for this occasion.