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Art Workshop

See the Art workshop
It has been a pleasure for Lin to start the Art workshop at IWAP. The two sessions were very successful !!

This Art workshop has a very relax atmosphere.
We chat in order to getting know each other better! We make art, learn art histories, share love and have fun. Women learn from each other, and experience art making from people who come from different cultures. You don't have to worry if you don't have any experience or think about yourself don't have talent! Just let the art and material inspire you!

Lin provides all different materials to let you explore.
During last sessions, we did collage, drawing, linoleum cut, watercolor, fiber dye or silk painting. People were just amazed how different material can invoke their art sparkle.

At the end of each session students share their great work and have an art exhibit.
Art workshop accept 12 people max.

Lin highly recommend you to come for full session, because she have a plan to go through the whole session. It is a whole art making and skill improving process!

So if you are interested for the next session, please ask Lin at one of our meetings or by email at