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February 2016 Field Trip

Temple Tour Field Trip

WHEN: Wednesday - February 17th

COST: At the Sri Venkateswara Temple one can buy take home snacks and rice dishes for $2 each, if anyone would like to.

PROGRAM: We will visit the Hindu-Jain Temple in Murraysville and the Sri Venkatesware Temple in Monroeville. The Mission of Hindu Jain Temple and Sri Venkateswara Temple is to provide a place for Hindus to workship in traditional style and provide religious, mumanitarian, cultural and educational resources to our members and all interested in Hinduism. In addition the temples promote ideals for world peace, harmony, spiritual and personal health.
- 9:15am - Meeting point at United Methodist Church or 10am for those who come directly to the Hindu-Jain Temple in Murraysville:
- From 10 - 11am we will visit the Hindu-Jain Temple in Murraysville
- From 11 - 12am we will visit the Sri Venkateswara Temple in Monroeville
Mita who has been an IWAP member for many years knows the temples very well and is going to give us a tour around.

LUNCH: After the tour we will have lunch together at Udipi Café (vegetarian restaurant). The Udipi Café will provide us with a special sample of everything for only $10.

IMPORTANT: At the temples we will be taking off our shoes not socks, so dress comfortably please! We will see a puja (preist will perform a short prayer) for our wellbeing.