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October 2016 Field Trip

Tuesday, October 18th: DuckyTour (with Jana & Arisa)
Lunch after is optional

Where:      125 West Station Square Drive
                  Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Note: Arrival time at Station Square at 10:00

If needing a ride departure from First United Methodist Church PROMPTLY at 9:15.

Cost:         Adult (13+)      $23
                  Child (3-12)    $15, Infant (2 and under)            $5
Payment has to be made by the October 13th meeting.

  • 1 hour narrated tour in an authentic WWII amphibious vehicle
  • 35 min on land through the city's business and cultural districts learning about Pittsburgh’s architecture, history, events and its people
  • 25 min, in the same vehicle, floating on one of the three rivers admiring nature and Pittsburgh architecture and its bridges from totally different perspective.
  • Family members are welcomed to participate

Optional lunch in the Grand Concourse restaurant, located in Beaus-Arts architectural marvel, build in 1901 as railway terminus - opulent, with its brass, mahogany, and marble detailing, grand staircase, stained-glass ceiling, overlooking  the Monongahela river.