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👪Your family and friends are welcome!

🚗We’ll meet at the Pleasant Valley Pavilion 001” around 12 PM if you’re driving directly
If you don’t have a car and need a ride, we’ll meet at the Church at 10:45 am. Please let us know in advance if you do need a ride and for how many people. To register, you can signup during IWAP meeting. 

🌻This year’s Picnic will be slightly different from the ones in the past ...
You will bring lunch/snacks for you and your family to share, your own picnic blankets, cutlery napkins etc. You are welcome to bring food to share with others if you want but please note that IWAP will NOT provide any cutlery/drinks or any set up this time.
You can also bring your own BBQ grills if you’d like to grill.
It will be a ‘proper’ picnic and we advise you to prepare as you would if you were organizing it for your family and think of anything that you might need.  
🏸🎲You are also welcome to bring games if you want (frisbee, board games, badminton etc). 
🚣🚴There are lots of great activities to do in the park like boating, swimming (bring your swim wear), cycling, fishing, hiking. It should be a lot of fun for adults and kids alike!