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Hi there! Welcome! If you are here, it's your lucky day! No, seriously! Your experience in Pittsburgh is going to elevate to a whole new level!!

We are the International Women's Association of Pittsburgh (IWAP). We are a group, a family, a community, coming together from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. Our mission is to offer friendship, support and assistance to international women, who find Pittsburgh as their new home. We meet every Thursday of the week from September to May, at the First United Methodist Church on the corner of S. Aiken and Centre Avenue in Shadyside. These meetings are a chance to socialize, bond and form lasting friendships over some coffee/tea and refreshments. 

Every week we have some new activities planned. Dancing, crafts, picnics, games, learning about new cultures through our diverse members and many more! We have outings to explore Pittsburgh and its surroundings, we offer English classes to people who want to improve their skills, we have cooking classes to learn and try new cuisines! All this and much more to enrich your experience in Pittsburgh and in return learn something from you! 

Join us at one of our meetings and see for yourself. Your first meeting is free as our guest! For more information about our activities, check out our Meetings page, or write directly to us (! We will be happy to assist you! 

IWAP is not a religious group. The church kindly allows the group to use its facilities.