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Weather Watch

When do we cancel our IWAP events?
Our cancellations are tied to closings of the Pittsburgh Public Schools (that's elementary, junior and high school, not the local colleges).

During the winter if weather conditions are really bad:
- Classes for Pittsburgh Public Schools could be cancelled, or
- Schools could have a later start in the morning.

IF either one happens on a Monday  we don't hold our English class.
IF either one happens on Thursday, we don't hold our Thursday meeting.
IF either one happens on the day of a cooking class or field trip, we cancel the class or trip.
This policy eliminates the need for someone early in the morning to attempt to reach everyone by phone or email (though sometimes we try anyway!).

To help you find out if schools are cancelled, please check this website*:

*You could also subscribe to the website in order to avoid having to remember to check it yourself whenever the weather forecast is bad. This way you would get automatic email notifications (or even phone texts) about any delays or cancellations. Here is the link: