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You have a question for us!
Great, we would like to help you; check here for the most frequently asked questions:

Who joins IWAP?
  • Americans who want to share their culture and learn about other cultures
  • Foreign residents who want to know more about Pittsburgh
  • Long-term visitors who want to know more about Pittsburgh and the US
  • Foreign Nationals who want to be in touch with others from around the globe
  • All women who want to share their culture and learn from others.
Check directions here!

When can I join?
Anytime you wish: meetings take place every Thursday from September to mid-May. The membership is valid until mid-May and a new membership will be offer in September.

During the summer, check
the meetings section for meeting in the park once a month.

How do I become a member of IWAP?
Come to a Thursday meeting or an English class on Monday and pay the yearly membership fee between September and May. In the summer just show up to one of the meetings in the park which are organized once a month.

How much does the membership cost?
The first meeting is free for you to try and if you would like to join, the cost of the membership is 25$ for the season (September to mid-May) and includes: monthly meetings, cooking classes *, English classes, and field trips *.
* Note: additional fees may apply depending on the events, usually for tours and/or food.

What does IWAP offer to its members?
A lot! ;)  

We offer a big variety of activities: weekly meetings, weekly English classes, monthly cooking classes (to learn dishes from one of our member's country), monthly field trip (to explore Pittsburgh and its surroundings), volunteering opportunities at Global Links, and much more!

Are children welcome at IWAP?
Yes, of course! As we are women and some of us also mothers, we welcome mothers with their kids during Thursday meetings, most field trips or cooking classes.  For English classes, we also  provide a "mothers and kids" group so you can join if interested.

How do I sign up for one of these activities?
Members can sign up at one of our Thursday meeting. Spots are sometime limited for the cooking classes and field trips, so it is best to sign up at the first meeting of the month.

I would like to be part of a volunteering committee at IWAP, how do I express interest?
The easiest way is to speak with someone from the committee you have an interest in, or reach out to one of the co-chairs.
If you need help identifying them, please refer to the Committees page.
Everything that happens at IWAP relies on members' dedication and volunteering, so come help us with your fresh ideas and skills if you are interested!