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Art Workshop

This is Lin from China!

I am an art teacher and artist and to make the IWAP program even more interesting I would like to offer an art workshop.
We will have a lot of fun and do creative things together such as: Printmaking (lino cut, silkscreen, etching...), fiber dying, ceramics, drawing, painting, watercolor, even calligraphy...

This art workshop is a 3 months class and costs $100/person to cover the materials.

When: Tuesday mornings from 10 AM-noon. We will start on October 6th.

If you are interested, please sign up before Sep. 29th.
That will give me time to calculate the budget and order the supplies.

We are going to meet together on Sep. 29th, have some tea, and discuss what are your interests . This way I can plan and design the program better.

To sign up, you can send an email  to or sign up at the next IWAP meeting.