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  • PCP = Primary Care Physician                                   
  • OB/GYN = Obstetric/Gynecologist  (Women)
  • Co-pay = The amount to pay at the doctors             
  • ER = Emergency Room
  • Pediatrician = Children’s Doctor                               
  • UPMC = University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Most places belong to this) 

  • Presbyterian University Hospital (PRESBY): 200 Lothrop street   Oakland 412-647-2345 
  • Magee Women’s Hospital: Childbirth, fertility issues, family - Planning, women’s health. Address: 300 Halkett Street Oakland  412-296-2433 
  • Children’s Hospital (birth to adolescent): 4401 Penn Avenue  Friendship 412-692-5325 
  • Shadyside Hospital: 5230 Center Avenue  Oakland 412-623-2121 

ALL the Above Hospitals are part of the UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) System and have Emergency rooms open 24 hours a day.

  • West Penn Hospital: 4800 Friendship Ave  412-578-5000 
  • Allegheny General Hospital (AGH): 320 North Avenue North side 412-359-3131 
These Hospitals also have ER available 24/7.
URGENT CARE: Urgicare or Medexpress Website - UPMC 412-623-4114
No appointments needed.

Note: If you are looking for any other information that’s not here, do not hesitate to ask us via email or at one of the meetings. If you have been in Pittsburgh for a while & have some helpful hints, let us know & we would be happy to add it.