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September 2022 Program

September 8:
WELCOME BACK IWAP FRIENDS! Our first meeting will be held on Thursday, Sept 8 from 10AM-12PM at the First United Methodist Church. At each program meeting, we'll enjoy refreshments from 10-11AM. Then, we'll focus on a topic, activity, or program from 11-12PM. As is customary for the first IWAP meeting of the year, the first week will be a Meet & Greet. Socialize with IWAP friends you have not seen in a while and meet new members. Children are welcome along with your smiles, ideas, and suggestions for the new IWAP year!
September 15:
Our first program will be on American and International Customs and Traditions. Join us to learn about other cultures' customs and share your own family or cultural practices through small group discussions. This event will take place Thurs. Sept 15 from 10AM-NOON at the First United Methodist Church. The first hour will be set aside for refreshments and socializing, with program content being facilitated during the second hour.